In this blog, our focus is to develop WordPress themes through a scratch. We have so many free and premium themes that make our website worthy, and SEO friendly, but still why we need to develop or customize WordPress theme? There will be so many answers for the questions. It’s totally up to our client needs and requirements.

WordPress theme plays very important role for the success of any website. If we don’t have responsive and SEO friendly theme for our blog/website. In that case is difficult to notice our website from the crowd. Undoubtedly, there are so many questions come into mind while making website like:

  1. Which theme is best for our client website.
  2. Should I go to Free/Paid theme.
  3. Responsiveness, plugins and many more….

And the most important thing to remember, If you want to develop a WordPress theme with your own. You have great hands on coding with great design taste.

Things should know about WordPress theme development:

  1. Have great knowledge on WordPress and CMS.
  2. Deep experience in HTML,CSS,Javascript and PHP.
  3. Passionate about Designing.
  4. CSS plays very important role in designing.
  5. Should be Mobile and User-friendly.
  6. Must be SEO supported.

You must keep one thing in your mind, that why are you developing and what is the purpose of your theme. Since there are so many themes pre-available in the market and does really well.

For wordpress theme we need to create some files

header.php : Contains the header part of theme

index.php : Contains the code for blog layout

page.php : Contains the page layout for the theme

post.php : Display the wordpress post

comment.php :  comment form for the post page

woocommerce.php :  It contains the woocommerce functionalities for product, product categories,  cart, accounts and etc.

footer.php :  Contains the footer part of the themes.