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We offer Partnership Programs to become our business partner to scale your business to new heights. Our partnership programs are designed to suit the requirement of both big and small businesses. Furthermore, we can even customize the partnership program so as to make a win-win situation for you and us.

Private Label Partnership

This partnership program has been designed for companies who already have an established brand name. We offer to be their outsourcing partners and develop products and services under their brand name. The account handling and billing is all done as per their company rules. This program offers you flexibility of outsourcing tasks where you do not want to invest in technical and design department. We will work for you anonymously giving you the leverage of setting the final quote and price for the project.


Franchisee Partnership

This program has been designed for those new emerging IT companies who have the required technical and design departments but have yet to create a niche for themselves. Our business legacy and goodwill of 6 years has earned us a strong reputation in the IT industry and you can use the same to create a brand name for yourself by taking our franchisee. You can create your own credibility by using our brand name – Xovisoft to sell and market our products and services.

Referral Program

The referral program is open to all whether you belong to IT background or not. Here you send us a referral and when we crack the deal, you get a share out of the profit earned from the project. Companies having a strong clientele base and extensive network can earn good referrals through this program.